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Why You Should Avoid Canned Foods

canned food

Today, a lot of people have resorted to canned and packaged foods because of the nature of their work and other reasons. Well, canned foods are easy to grab and ready to eat or cook. Also, they are convenient and practical ways to add more nutrient-dense food to your diet. However, its regular consumption can lead to some health conditions.

Canning is a method used to preserve foods for long periods and the three main steps are processing, sealing, and heating. With canned foods, you can have access to a wide variety of foods throughout the year. In fact, any food can be found in the can today. So, here are some major reasons to avoid canned foods.

Low Nutritional Content

Canned foods are mostly processed by use of pressure, heat and food additives. Most times, the processing techniques lower the nutritive value of food. Also, the air-tight containers lack oxygen and that further decreases the vitamin content of the food product.

Use of Artificial Flavours and Colours

It is advisable to avoid canned foods containing both natural and artificial flavours. Natural flavours can contain synthetic chemicals too so it’s definitely safe to avoid both flavours by minimising the consumption of processed foods.

Cans are Lined with Bisphenol (BPA)

BPA is an industrial chemical found in hard plastic and coatings of food and drink cans. Sometimes, the chemical imitates the hormones in our body which can be harmful to our health.


Most canned foods have increased shelf life due to preservatives. The preservatives are called Sodium nitrate and Sulfites.

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Finally, canned foods are not as good as fresh foods even if we have advanced in technology. Farm fresh vegetables and freshly picked fruits taste more pleasant and do not have side effects on the body.

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