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Why You Need to Stop Procrastinating


Human beings tend to leave tasks, especially difficult or tedious ones, till the last minute. It is a natural trait for many people, but it, most times, wreaks havoc on our lives. Procrastination steals time and peace. It also delays the success of a particular task, perhaps, due to the rush that a delayed task requires.

Procrastination is different from laziness. It is leaving your work to the last moment; an avoidance of obligation. So, why do you need to stop procrastinating?

  • Procrastination will cost you

Literally, procrastination can affect you in every area of life. This is because, waiting until the last minute to work on a project feels stressful due to the fact that the work needed to be done is hastily done, mostly under duress. A valuable amount of time and resources become forfeited during the course of procrastination.

  • It makes you less productive

Even if some believe they can work under pressure and succeed in high-stress environment, putting off your to-do list makes you to accomplish less. This can affect your work.

  • It will stress you out

Research has shown that procrastinators experience more stress and less well-being than the people who work ahead. With this, it might be difficult to get the work done.

  • Procrastination affects your health

Procrastinators are at an increased risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. According to Fuschia Sirois, Bishop’s University in Quebec, “chronic procrastinators have a higher rate of heart disease, regardless of age, race, educational level or other factors. They also report more headache and other health problems than non-procrastinators.”

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To avoid procrastinating, you need to be determined. That is, be deliberate about starting projects immediately and taking them one at a time. Once you start, the project won’t seem so overwhelming.

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