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Why Worrying About the Future?

why worry about the future

Has worrying about the future affected your mood, your day and your productivity?

Have you ever lost sleep worrying about something that has yet to happen?

Has worrying made you feel unwanted in your world?

If your answer is yes, you are not alone. Worry happens to everyone, particularly when it comes to events, people, and extremely important things. It is understandable that you want to achieve your goals and nothing seems feasible now.

But dear lovelies, the problem with worry is this: it is a total waste of our valuable time and energy. We know this and we still do it, why?

Even after reading this, we may never stop worrying about the future because it is human. Worry has side effects on our health. It causes hypertension, high blood pressure and other complicated issues.

“Worrying never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy,” -Leo F. Buscaglia.

Worrying may engage you negatively. You probably have something to do with your time and energy. When you focus on worrying, it makes it difficult to focus on your to-do list and the opportunities that lie ahead of you.

Speaking of mood, worry will never get you anywhere. In fact, if you are in your bedroom, it will never get you to the sitting room. It only takes your happiness. It does not allow you to glow.

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When you worry about the future, you create another scenario to worry more about the future. Human needs are insatiable. We are Oliver twist because we demand new things every time, which is good. So, why don’t you live in the present moment?

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Lovelies, when I find myself worrying, you know what I do?

I practice mindfulness. You take a look around and notice what is surrounding you. What do you see and feel? What do you smell? Taking note of the surroundings is an excellent way to pull yourself into the present moment.

Then, take a deep breath and ask yourself the “what ifs” question till you run out of “then what ifs”. Such as, what if what I’m worrying about were to actually happen? What if some people desire to be where I am now? Continue till you feel comfortable. It helps!

Worrying has nothing on you. Whenever you find yourself worrying about the future, remember you are not alone (we all do it). Just create awareness around what the worry is costing you. Then you’d be fine.

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