What You Should Do When Kids Lie

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Most times, kids lie to avoid being beaten by their parents. It’s a fact that we all want our kids to always tell the truth, but there will be a point where our patience will be tested. Therefore, parents need to keep in mind that telling lies is a natural part of child development and that in most cases, kids outgrow this behaviour.

So, why exactly do kids lie? Here are some reasons they lie:

  • To avoid working
  • To get attention
  • Fear of punishment
  • To boast amidst their classmates
  • To showcase their anger

It should be noted that kids do not understand the consequences of lying until you explain them. Therefore, parents are advised to explain why it is bad to lie, what it leads to and what they need to do when they eventually lie.

As parents, what should you do when your kids lie? Here are a few tips:

Understand the Root Cause

You should know whether your kid is trying to tell a tall tale as part of a fantasy or because (s)he doesn’t want to be punished? If it is fantasy, you can’t afford to discourage her creativity. However, if it’s really to avoid punishment then, you need to explain why it’s bad. Make them understand that telling the truth pays, no matter what.

Be Flexible

Be the “go-to mummy” for your kids. When your kid begins to worry that you’d be angry, she may try to avoid telling you the truth at all costs. So, be flexible and do not give your kid the chance to predict you. Let them feel secure, safe and supported, so they can talk to you about anything without losing affection and love.

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Correct Them

Rather than punishing your kids, focus on correcting the misbehaviour. Most times, punishment comes from the place of anger, so it is advisable that you discuss things with your kids by stating the consequences of their actions. Also, explain why they should do whatever you asked them to do. Do not call them names such as liars; it might hurt them.

Lastly, do not hesitate to tell your kids that lying is not allowed in your household. Let them know that telling the truth is important just as other good behaviour you expect from them.

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