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What do Men Want in a Relationship?

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Hello gems! Today, we’ll be talking about the different things men want in a relationship.

Disclosure: This article was written by a man.

To move very quickly to the topic, I’m willing to bet that as a woman you’ve questioned the true desires of a man at some point in your life. It might have been in your younger years or maybe even much closer to the present. Regardless, you must’ve wondered what strange thoughts and desires lie underneath that manly chest and those toned muscles.

To answer that question, let me begin by saying that the phrase, “different strokes for different folks” actually rings true. Men want many things from their partners in a relationship. However, despite the variety, there are still some desires that are common to virtually every carrier of the Y-chromosome.

So, here are the few things men want in a relationship:

We want your approval            

For starters, we might not show it very much but we live for your approval. Well, not literally but I’m sure you get the point. In a world where we constantly have to work very hard (physically and mentally) to make ends meet, there are times when it seems like our efforts just aren’t enough.

We might not show it or look like it, but there are certain days that we just want those few words of encouragement to show us that we’re doing great. The words of praise and approval can come from anyone but they mean the world when they’re coming from our partners.

Nothing beats respect

Apart from getting our efforts acknowledged, virtually all men want to be respected. Now, this isn’t some misogynist move aimed at putting you below us. Quite the contrary! We merely want to be treated equally in the same way you want us to respect you.

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Yes, we love to play and joke around. It’s one of the reasons we love you so much, because you bring us joy. However, those jokes should not stretch so far that they begin to attack our integrity. Just like you do, men want to be respected in a relationship, regardless of age.

Emotional intimacy

A third desire that often goes unsaid is emotional intimacy. Yes, I said it. Today’s world grooms men such that we are expected to be strong. I really can’t blame the world for this. After all, it was incredibly important during the times of our cave-dwelling ancestors.

However, society takes it a little too far sometimes. More often than you care to know, men are shunned for feeling emotions or even expressing them. Right from a young age, a boy is mocked for expressing a fear of rats, among other things.

As such, in a relationship, we want to be emotionally intimate with you. We want to talk to you without getting scared of being judged or mocked. After all, we’re humans too.

Finally, I cannot claim to know everything. After all, I’m just one guy. However, these three main points sum up the things men want in a relationship.

On that note, I’ll be seeing you again some other time. Don’t forget to share today’s content with all your curious friends.

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