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Tips to Get Strong Healthy Nails

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Getting healthy nails is not as difficult as some may think. It becomes even easier when we dedicate some time to taking care of them.  It does not matter if you religiously paint your nails, or pick and bite your nails as a way of self-care; healthy and well-manicured nails are essential for every lady. Below are tips to get strong healthy nails.  

Always keep your hands clean.

Apart from the precautionary measure of maintaining clean hands, it is important to have the skin around your nails extra clean. If you love painting your nails, be sure to clean the polish properly when necessary. A nail remover without acetone is a great recommendation. You can also use a toothbrush soaked in soapy water to clean your nails. This will also help in the removal of dead skin cells.

Set Out Time to Clip Nails

Setting out time for nail care is important and should form part of our weekly skincare routine. Once in a while, depending on how fast your nails grow, you should clip your nails to the shape you want it. However, ensure they all have a uniform length.

Avoid Using Metal Tools for Nail Picking

Your nails just like your skin are delicate. Hence, you should avoid scouring them too hard. If you have dirt beneath your nails, use mild tools that will not lead to ‘onycholysis’ – a nail-digging activity that causes the nail platter to separate from its skin. Using metal tools for nail picking can also expose you to more infection than you know.

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Disinfect Your Nail Tools before Re-use

Your nail tools are just like your body towels that need proper hygiene. You should learn to wash your nail tools with soap and clean water. Then proceed to wipe them with any alcohol cleanser. This is to ensure you do not infest your nails with the dirt on your tools after the previous usage.

Go Natural At Times

While being creative with your nails could make your nails look stylish, constant painting of the nails and wiping with nail removal could weaken your nails. This can also lead to nail breakage. To avoid this and to keep the nails healthy and strong, you should go natural at times. This is to enable your nails to invigorate naturally.

It is easy to detect if nails are unhealthy or not. If you notice an alien appearance or feature on your nails, or you are more concerned about the health of your nail, then you might need to go to a dermatologist.  Other than that, the above tips to get strong healthy nails are quite effective.


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