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The Purpose and Power of Quiet Time

Quiet time is a very familiar term among believers. It refers to the time we spend alone with God. It is a time to get quiet on the inside and hear what God has to say to you; it is a time we set aside to listen to and commune with God.

For believers and non-believers alike, we find that it is often at those times when we are silent on the inside, when we have blocked out external noise, when we allow ourselves be still in our minds without the constant distractions of fleeting thoughts that we are able to connect with the inner man and maybe even find answers to questions that have plagued us for days.

While personal meditation does have its advantages, having a session of communion with God, takes meditation to a whole new level. The reason is simple; while personal meditation helps us to look within, quiet time in the presence of the Almighty gives us the opportunity to tap into the highest power source; in fact, the Source of all power. As believers, it is very important that we have time that we set apart exclusively for God irrespective of busy schedules and other pressing demands of life. God must be at the centre of our lives, with everything else revolving around Him because He is the source of our lives. It is in Him we live, move and have our being; without Him we can do nothing and are helpless.


Why Should We Spend Time Alone With God?

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God is our Source and Sustainer. We derive our life from God; He is the Source of it and He sustains it. It is in Him we live, move and have our being. A branch that is cut off from the tree would soon die off. That is why Jesus says; abide in me and I in you. It is only when we abide in Him that we are uninterruptedly connected to the Source of life. God is the only self-existing One. When we abide in Him, His life abides in us. The Quiet time is the place where we sustain that relationship with the Source of life.

It is a place to get instructions from God. As a believer your actions and decisions in life should be based on instructions from God. Your time alone with God is when you seek His face and receive instructions from Him in matters pertaining to your life. The Psalmist says I will bless the Lord who hath given me counsel: my reins also instruct me in the night seasons.

Quiet time is the time to fellowship and commune with God. It is a time of deep communication with God. We need to sustain that Father-daughter relationship with Him. You talk to your Heavenly Father, you minister to Him in worship; you express how much you love Him and want more of Him and He responds to you with His goodness. You magnify Him in worship, acknowledging how great He is, you lift Him above whatever challenges or situation you may be facing and He responds to you with His faithfulness.

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Your time alone with God is a time to meditate. It is a time to give attention to God’s word through meditation. Meditation means to whisper softly to you. It is a common practice in Eastern religion. But as believers, we meditate on God’s Word. It means you look for what God has said concerning you in scriptures and you speak it to yourself quietly. It is when we meditate in God’s Word that the Holy Spirit comes to teach us. My father says that meditation is the classroom of the Holy Spirit where He teaches us. Remember, He is the teacher that Jesus left us with.

Quiet time is the place where we receive strength. This refers to inner strength. The Bible says that they go from strength to strength as they appeared before God in Zion. We must receive strength for each new day; God is always ready to renew our strength each day.


Jim Rohn says that eating seven apples on Saturday is not the same as eating one apple a day. This saying can be applied to how we proceed with our quiet time. The things that are required to help us tap into the fullness of a great quiet time are;

Time. It is good that you have time alone with God in the morning before going about the day’s business; this helps to set the course of the day. The night season is also good.

Frequency. You should have time alone with God every day. Make your quiet time consistent; don’t let it just be a sporadic discharge or something you do it intermittently. Be diligent in seeking God, for He rewards those who diligently seek Him.

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Focus. Again, we have heard several times, if you are somewhere, be there. When we decide on what time to have our quiet time, we should do away with all forms of distractions and focus on communing with the Almighty.


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