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The ABCs of Personal Growth

the abcs of personal growth

Throughout your life, you must have been through some rough, nice, good, pleasant and bad journeys. However, the ability to grow through it, learn from it and live with it is extremely important. Understanding the ABCs of personal growth will help you to live a life of meaning and joy every single day.

Here are the ABCs of personal growth.

A: You need to acknowledge your strengths, talents and abilities to unleash your potential and power. This will enable you to create a personal meaning and lasting transformation. So, what are you good at? You need to acknowledge that today.

B: Appreciate the blessings in your life. What exactly are you grateful for? When you realise the positives in your life, the blessings multiply

C: There are so many things in life that we have very little or no control over. However, you control how you respond to every experience you encounter.

D: You are surrounded by distractions and temptations that deflect you from your goals. So, you need to discipline yourself because that is the master key to success.

E: We all are going through some low moments, and a gentle word that offers hope and support can literally save a dream. So, are you an encourager or a critic? Do you do constructive or destructive criticism? Remember, when you lift others, you rise as well. So, learn the act of positive encouragement.

F: Focus all your energy, time, power and resources on the things and people that truly matters most to you. Whatever you focus on grows.

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G: Be a cheerful giver. Giving to another person and knowing our contribution has had a lasting impacts creates true happiness and peace of mind. Anytime you give, you grow; every time you give, you get. Whether it is a kind word or volunteering to a cause that speaks to you.

H: Reach out to your mentors. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. So, spend time with people you look up to, and learn to spark your bravery and courage.

I: Inspiration is everywhere, but you need to look for it. So, read, learn, journal, go to classes and seminars that inspire you. Be open-minded to learn because inspiration is what charges us. When you are charged, you grow.

J: Choose to become joyful. You need to appreciate every moment and the gift of life. Be deliberate about laughing, smiling and having fun.

K: A world where everyone is devoted to kindness would be the most lived by everyone. So, work on being the kindest spouse, partner, sibling, manager, employee coach, teacher and many more.

L: When you learn, you open your mind to discover new possibilities. Take risk and be humble to learn from new leaders and teachers.

M: You need to dedicate a set of time to meditation. Mindful meditation offers incomparable value to the human spirit, psyche and body.

N: Never say no. Don’t utter the word ‘impossible’ when really, it’s just hard. Avoid naysayers and non-believers. Never push aside a dream that means everything to you.

O: You need to be optimistic about everything you are set to do. When you are, failure will give you a significant feedback on what to do better and the most miserable days will always hold the promise that “tomorrow will be better”.

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P: You should prioritise your life so that your highest value activities take preference. Learn how to enhance your time management skills so that you are able to identify what task you need to tackle first.

Q:  Quit complaining, making excuses, indulging negative habits, staying in the same place when you are itching to move and letting naysayers control your life.

R: Try to release the things that weigh you down. It is not easy to let go of regrets, mistakes, anger, resentment, ego, jealousy, and compassion but each day offers abundant opportunity to release it.

S: Learn to say sorry when you hurt people. Be deliberate about apologising when you are wrong. No one is perfect.

T: Thank you is a simple phrase that means so much especially when you acknowledge people’s effort for what they have done for you.

U: One of the greatest discoveries of self-transformation and personal development is not only getting to know yourself but liking what you find. To discover yourself, you need to unplug from technology.

V: You need to speak up on the things you are passionate about. Use your voice to speak your goals, to make positive change, to inspire, to care, to pray, to laugh, to sing, to help and to love. Speak up.

W: Do not be lazy. To earn great, you need to work. This means you are willing to try, fall and stand up again, to face criticism, to be bold and to face ridicule. Work on your goals each day. Don’t be tired of working.

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X:  be “e-X-tra” about something good. Go the extra mile to achieve your purpose. Remember the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra.

Y: Yesterday is gone. You have the opportunity to glance back to see how far you have come, but keep moving. Yesterday doesn’t predict how far you can go. It just determines your starting point for today.

Z:  Do you do things just because you are forced or do you do things with passion, zeal and energy? Now is the time to wake up. You get the chance to decide to be accountable, not helpless. You should live your life today on fire. Also, you get to be zealous about everything you do.

Dear readers, here are the ABCs of personal growth. Working on them will have a powerful positive effect on your life. It will give you an outstanding foundation on which to build a more purposeful life.

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