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Simple Steps to Career Advancement


Our career is a very important aspect of our lives. No doubt, a successful career brings joy and fulfilment. We have heard of great achievements in many fields of human endeavour; people have impacted our world with their skills and talents, while some have taken the innovations of others, improved on them and taken them to another level, all with the view of making our world a better place. To buttress how important the subject is, when we meet someone for the first time, after exchanging pleasantries, the next progression of discussion is to ask about what the person does and a conversation probably kicks off from there.

Choose your career

Choosing a career is a very important decision in life just like choosing a life partner. Gone are the days when medicine, law and accountancy are the major professions to choose from. These days, with the advancement of technology and proliferation of information through the internet, there is a wider range of choices from which one pick a career to pursue. There are pointers and indicators that sometimes help provide clues as to what career to choose. These include your natural inclinations and disposition. Some people are likely to be professional accountants because figures are just natural to them; they just find it easy to work with figures, while some people are architects because drawing is the easiest thing they can do! During the last Christmas season, an architect gave my family a greeting card, the way she designed the name on the envelope was simply unique; I spent more time admiring the design of the name than the card itself! So, some talents and abilities that we have could sometimes be a pointer to a lifetime career.

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As a child of God, you should prayerfully choose your career because that is the surest way to walk on the right path and not to miss it.

Know your field and its requirements

It is important to know the field you are venturing into and its requirements. If you have identified a career path you intend to follow, know the requirements and what it takes to succeed in the profession. You need to gather as much information as possible, this would inform your decision to take professional exams, get more education and training, and even whether to take or decline a particular job.

Have a career plan and follow it

It is a popular saying that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Have a workable plan that you intend to follow and stick to it. For example, maybe your bigger plan is to be an entrepreneur and you are presently working for someone, have a plan to stay for a particular period of time, say for 7 years, acquire the necessary skills and information, and plan how you can have a seamless transition into entrepreneurship, the profit may not start flowing in immediately.

Have goals and targets

Setting goals and targets helps you keep track of your progress. In a year, you could have quarterly targets, or goals to be met in a timeline of 6 months or a year as the case may be. For example, you could plan that within two years you have all your required certifications and would have passed all your professional exams or gotten to a particular advanced stage.

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Be abreast, develop yourself

Someone said the greatest room in the world is the room for self-development. Both the career and business world are highly competitive, so you need to be on top of your game. You need to keep adding value to yourself, improving your skills and competency.

Don’t forget the place of grace

The Bible says that except the Lord builds a house, they labour in vain that build. You need the grace of God to enjoy true success in life. It is possible to work very hard and still not be a successful person. That kind of effort is called struggling and hardship. However, through the grace of God and hard work, you will have outstanding success. Remember to always commit your career to God in prayer, asking for His wisdom, guidance and direction. It is indeed the blessing of God that makes rich without adding sorrow to it.

Don’t be discouraged

Challenges may arise as you climb up the ladder of success, things may not be turning out as fast as you projected but don’t be discouraged. Don’t compare yourself with others, you are not in competition with anybody and you are not living to prove a point. Maybe a younger sibling or friend is seemingly doing better than you, take it up as a challenge and strive for excellence. Someone else’s success is not something that should get you depressed and weigh you down. Aim high, work hard, have faith and keep striving for excellence.


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