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Plantain Moin Moin


Plantain Moin Moin is a delicious Nigerian recipe and it is a great way to use up overripe plantains instead of discarding them.

Ingredients for Plantain Moin Moin

– 4 medium sized over-ripe Plantains (Ripe plantains can also be used)
– 400g Unripe plantain flour OR Corn Meal(cornflour)
–  2 Cooking spoonful Palm Oil/red stew oil/vegetable oil
– 1 Cooking spoonful ground Crayfish
– 2 Handful deboned boiled fish or fresh prawns or cooked liver or boiled egg (optional)
– 1 medium sized Onion bulb

– 2 bell pepper (tatase)

– 2 cayenne pepper (atarodo)

– 1 medium sized garlic

– 1 medium sized ginger
– 3 seasoning cubes
– Pepper to taste
– Salt to taste
– Containers for pouring the Plantain moinmoin (banana leaves, aluminium or plastic bowls)
Tip: in the absence of plantain flour, corn flour(corn meal) can be used as a substitute.


Cooking directions for Plantain Moin Moin
– Place the unripe plantain flour (or corn meal) into a bowl, add a little warm water and mix the flour until you get a smooth paste. Set aside for later use.

-Next, Wash, peel and slice the over-ripe plantains. Blend the plantains with the crayfish, onions, ginger, garlic and pepper; Blend into a smooth paste and pour it into the bowl with the unripe plantain paste. Mix thoroughly and add a little warm water to get a lighter, but not watery consistency.

– Add the palm or ground nut oil, stock cubes and salt to taste. Mix thoroughly.

– Next, scoop the plantain mixture into any container of choice, you can add the deboned fish or fresh prawns or liver or chopped boiled egg (if you are using any), then seal tight and set aside.

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Put a pot of water or steamer to boil. Place the containers into the pot and cook until the Plantain moin moin solidifies (You may have to add water to the pot from time to time, as it dries up).
This steaming process takes about 45mins to 1 hour
Take out the moinmoin from the pot, leave to cool a bit; serve and enjoy.

Plantain Moin Moin is usually eaten as a snack or as a meal with Pap, oat meal, Custard or any cereal of your choice.


Bon apetit!

Photo Credit: My Active Kitchen

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