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How to Prevent Thoughts That Can Destroy Your Relationship

Why did God Put me Here?
Why did God Put me Here?

Along communication problems, negative insecure thoughts are also part of the reasons relationships break. In the words of Nicole Issa, “Negative thoughts can be the ultimate relationship killer.” So, while it is crucial for both partners to listen to each other and to reflect on themselves, they also need to be open about any underlying thoughts they may be keeping to themselves

Although most issues need time to be resolved, the first step is to be aware of the way you think about your partner. Here are some thoughts to ignore in order to prevent a broken relationship.

  • They don’t love me any more

It is reasonable to worry when your significant other begins to invest less time into your relationship. But, constantly asking for confirmation of their feelings can cause conflict. If you are always asking if they really love you, your partner may start to wonder if there is cause for concern. Instead, communicate the feelings you have and work together to become closer.

  • They should…

It is toxic to believe your significant other should automatically know what you are thinking. No one has the power to read minds. It won’t be fair to your partner  when you haven’t discussed these feelings. So, try to communicate your frustrations.

  • It is their fault

It is easy to point fingers and blame the other person when you are upset. Thinking it is his/her fault for the mess will only worsen your relationship. Instead, try to take responsibility for the situation and if you find out your partner is upset as well, profer

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an apology. Remember, you can control how you react to negative situations.

  • I wish

On some bad days, you might find yourself fantasising about what it would be like to be with someone else. If you frequently have those thoughts, it means you prioritise those possibilities over your current relationship.  Relationships aren’t smooth or easy and changing partners won’t prevent you from experiencing similar conflicts in your new relationship.

  • What happened to us

It is normal to reminisce, but try not to look back. Couples often forget that there is more to look forward to when they think their relationship won’t be as exciting in the future. This tends to rob off the full potential of the relationship.

You need to understand that your thought patterns can lead to major relationship issues. So, you need to stop over thinking when you are in a relationship to avoid these negative thoughts.

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