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How to Motivate Your Team in a Crisis

Motivate Your Team

How to Motivate Your Team in a Crisis

In times of crisis, you need to make use of your leadership skills to make sure that your team stays motivated. No doubt, most workplaces are faced with different challenges, and this might affect the growth of the company if teams members are not willing to make things better. Therefore, during a crisis, leaders should learn to inspire and motivate their teams.

A crisis is an unstable situation which might involve an impending abrupt change. In this article, we are going to state out three essential tips to motivate your team in a crisis.

  • Relate with your Team

This essentially creates a sense of belonging and care. It encourages your team to feel involved during the crisis. Brafford and Ryan says, “make time to listen to your employees’ perspectives and make them know that they are heard and valued.” So, as a leader, you are to communicate with your team to help validate and acknowledge their feeling and opinions during the crisis.

  • Acknowledge their Competence

Acknowledging your team’s competence makes them effective at their work. This gives them the assurance that they have contributed to not just the company’s progress, but to their personal growth. Therefore, leaders are to hold their teams accountable for achievable goals so it can improve their performance.

  • Learn to encourage your Team

An effective leader learns to foster internal motivation by empowering the team’s sense of capability of making choices that are aligned to their own values, goals and interest. This helps to improve self-recognition and self-initiation.

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Understanding the steps to encourage your team during a crisis improves the work culture and team performance while transforming the work itself. So, leaders are to ensure their team stay motivated in a crisis.

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