How to Cope with Anxiety at Work

How to Cope with Anxiety at Work

How to Cope with Anxiety at Work

For some people, anxiety serves as a motivator to keep up with the to-do list at work while for others, anxiety manifests itself by crippling fear about their life and their jobs. When you are too anxious and worried, it’d affect your performance at work.

Apart from your work, anxiety will affect your relationship with co-workers. It can also make your day to be unpleasant. However, coping with anxiety at work is necessary for you to concentrate. Here are some ways to cope with anxiety at work.

First, work within your limits.

Working within your limit will enable you to manage your anxiety. You do not have to multitask but, focus on completing a task before moving to the next one. Also, you can take time off from work to help you relax your muscle.

Second, communicate with your boss.

Do not be afraid to speak up whenever you are feeling uncomfortable at work. You should learn to express your feeling to your boss so (s)he will understand how to deal with the issue. This will enable you to be more productive at work.

Third, be mindful.

If you find yourself losing concentration and becoming wrapped with worry, you should practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is a form of paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and not judgementally. So, try to notice your environment, it will help you to refocus on your present moment.

If you’ve tried the above simple tips and you still feel anxious at work, then, you may wish to consider seeing a counsellor who will help conduct an assessment to determine what you are likely to enjoy.

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