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How to Build Intimacy in Your Relationship

Real intimacy comes from letting your guard down and allowing your partner to witness you in a less than stellar light– Dr Jennifer B. Rhodes

When you are emotionally close with someone, it means you are vulnerable. You let your guard down and you feel safe doing so. When you feel this kind of closeness, you can tell each other anything and feel accepted. You’d be free to open up your fears and your failures to feel what the other person is feeling.

Intimacy is an act of developing a strong sense of closeness and love with each other. The relationship is defined by the extent to which the couple is able to feel secure, have trust and communicate with one another.

Intimacy is one of the most important processes used to describe close relationships but, not limited to romantic relationships.

Note that, you may be together with your friend, your partner and still lack emotional intimacy. That is because, it is probably the scariest and sometimes, you both do not discover a lack of emotional intimacy until it is too late.

Therefore, to grow and build intimacy with your partner, here are few things you can do:

Be an active listener

You must be intentional about putting your phone down, turning off your T. V set and turning down the music just to listen to your partner. This is one of the best you can do to make your relationship healthy. It shows that you really care about your partner’s opinion, desires, fears and goals.

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Express your love

Intimacy is about expression of love in your relationship. You can’t just talk about love, you need to express it in diverse ways. You have to put extra effort to make time for each other. So, spend quality time with your partner without distractions.

Keep things playful

Be lighthearted and tease your partner in the nicest way possible. This can help you to change the mood of your partner whenever they are disturbed. Be sure to understand their weakness, but do not use it against your partner.

Show respect and gratitude

When you tell your partner “thank you” often, this will help strengthen your relationship. Be appreciative of the little things your partner gives to you. A simple and sincere acknowledgement goes a long way with your partner. Respect your partner. It boosts their ego. You could say: “thank you for doing this; thank you for buying this.”

Intimacy is an emotional connection you build through conversation. Happy and healthy relationships need intimacy to survive.

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