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How Do I Align My Thoughts To Fit My Goals?

I understand you have so many things running through your mind right now; your long-listed desires, your goals, your career, your dream job and your dream car. You want to be the best everywhere you find yourself. You want to be known for whatever you can do best. You want to be your own kind of boss. You just want to keep moving. Obviously, no one wants to be static. We all aim for something better than we have got.

But hey, you need to calm down, you know why? Those thoughts keep coming either with pressure or what you have seen somewhere. Well, the brain has the ability to process lots of information but not all the time, so it ends up in the short-term memory.

Just stop for some seconds and ask yourself what do I really want?

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This question will help you to align your thoughts with your goals. Goals are results you are attempting to achieve. You must set your goals, knowing that at a certain time, there is something you want to achieve.  However, there are no pressures on you! Each individual has their set time. So, aligning your thoughts with your goals is very important and it will be explained in the subsequent paragraphs.

How Do I Align My Thoughts?


Most of the time you find yourself in a situation where by you need to write the ideas that keep popping up in your brain. It is normal for different ideas to come to the mind because you see new things, structures, and artworks everywhere you go (either at your work place or home). So no matter how the idea seems, just pen it in your notepad. However, if you do not have a note pad with you, you can make use of your phone. This is the first stage of setting the pace.

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After noting the ideas, the next step is to choose the ideas in order of importance. This will help you understand the idea that needs urgent attention. You will attend to all the ideas, but don’t be so quick; remember that slow and steady wins the race. Well, numbering it will not be a bad idea.


This is the most effective way to improve yourself and grow in your career. This is the baby step, a step at a time, you cannot afford to be static. So, do not just write in the note and keep it for years or just talk about it. It must be acted upon because it is a way of reminding yourself that you are almost there.


To achieve your goals, the ideas you prioritise must be in tandem with your goals. If not, there will not be harmony and it will not yield the desired result. Alignment is like a focus, a set plan and goals which is properly planned.

Note: if you don’t take any step, the ideas might just die


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