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After the Festivities, What Next?

Welcome back from the Christmas and New Year holidays. I bet it was relaxing, refreshing and reinvigorating. The Christmas lights, nativity and decorations were such a beauty to behold at night. Families and love birds were seen taking photographs at beautifully-decorated locations. The schools were not left out too. Most schools organized beautiful, colour-themed Christmas Carols with comedians and celebrities as major attractions and you can be sure those celebrities pulled crowds. Pupils went home happily with their gift packs from Santa Claus and exchanged gifts with classmates. The Christmas period is usually filled with a beehive of activities such as travelling to see loved ones, beach visits, shopping, popping champagne, sight-seeing, philanthropy. It’s also a time of weight-gain because people eat with reckless abandon. Organizations, shopping malls and supermarkets are not left out of the end of year frenzy either. In a bid to meet their end of year target, most of them organise sales in order to encourage purchases and clearance of their stores. Apparently the sales bait worked because quite a number of people indulge in emotional buying during Christmas.

So now that the Christmas holiday has come and gone, what happens next? Do you want to go through the motions till the next holiday comes? Or would you rather set big, hairy, audacious goals (if you haven’t) and go all out to achieve them? Are you content with the level at which you are operating or you would rather have more; not to consume on yourself but to make phenomenal impact in the lives of people and nations? Would you like to acquire new skills so as to be able to solve problems in an uncommon manner and add value significantly? Would you want to be much more than you currently are by the time you are reviewing yourself at the end of the year? It’s your call. The New Year is still young and you still have to time to set the course of the year on a great note. So can I ask you, are you really ready for 2015? You’ve got an open cheque of twelve amazing months ahead of you to inscribe anything you want on them. Permit me to ask you three questions.

  1. Do you have goals for 2015?
  2. Is your goal for 2015 a mere addendum to your 2014 goal or a plan to just get by? If yes, then you don’t have goals yet.
  3. Have you taken time to consider what you will require to achieve your goals for 2015? If no, then, you are not yet really ready.
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However, there is hope. The fact that you are reading this piece means there is hope for you and you have a great destiny to fulfil. I’ll implore you to suspend whatever you are currently doing (if you haven’t written your goals) and pick a beautiful note pad and begin to prayerfully write down your goals for 2015. Ensure you cover all spheres of your life. A notable author, life coach and Minister often says, ‘writing your goals is the first contact point the supernatural has with your goals’. Also the Bible says in Habakkuk 2:2 ‘…write the vision and make it plain, that he may run that reads it’. Writing your goals is pivotal to its execution. It acts as a guide to all your projects and a yardstick to measure how successful you were at achieving your goals.

2015 will be a year of promotion for you in all spheres. It will also mark a turning point for many in their careers, relationships, businesses, finances, academics and also spiritually. However, it will only happen for those who are ready for the opportunities coming their way. Be prepared, be open-minded, be highly expectant and be discerning.

You will make giant leaps forward this year and record phenomenal achievements.

See you at the top.

Have an amazing 2015.


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