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Creating a Focal Point in a Room

A focal point is like the centre stage; it brings balance and coordination to the room in addition to making the room beautiful. These days homes come plain and lack detailed architectural features.

We bring you tips to guide you in creating a befitting focal point, depending on the purpose of the room.

room with couches serving as focal point


For a home where you will constantly be having parties or celebrations, you can use a large entertainment space, bar or armoire as your focal point.

For a place where you will be having tea parties, meetings and small get-togethers, a lovely sofa with an accompaniment of colourful throw pillows and hanging a large painting above will create a beautiful focal point.

For the anteroom, you can place a beautiful large mirror above a small table or chair. The mirror reflects light and you can check your appearance one final time before stepping out for an occasion.


couch and chairs serving as focal point

There are no hard and fast rules in creating a point of attraction; it can be anything you choose. Only ensure that there is balance and coordination between your focal point and other items of furniture and interior decoration items in the room.


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