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Clothes and Career: How Power Dressing Can Help You Move Up

clothese and career - dressing well

They say you shouldn’t judge a person by the way they look or dress. But as much as this morally right axiom tries to point us in the right direction, it is not entirely applicable in some cases.

Casual attire, for instance, is generally shunned in the business community, where power players are dressed to the nines when conducting themselves among peers.

Even in companies that implement a casual dress code, it is always prudent to wear appropriate clothing during interviews or client meetings. Business attire exudes an aura of competence, and at the same time gives others the impression that you have what it takes to properly conduct yourself in a professional environment.

This is a huge deal, particularly in a corporate setting and when you are trying to climb the proverbial ladder.

There is appropriate attire for every occasion; and in the same regard, one that’s right for a business event.

Dressing appropriately is proper etiquette that, when observed, can propel you to success. You don’t have to be dressed to the nines to achieve this, as long as you wear the required pieces of clothing that fit the required attire.

Each item of clothing that makes up a specific attire is like a piece of a puzzle that completes the whole picture. The key is to know which articles of clothing go well together to pull off that certain look — with panache.

Keep in mind that along with the right combination of pieces to complete a nice look, nailing that perfect fit down is essential to make you look good. Ill-fitting clothes have no place in power dressing your way to moving up that ladder.

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