Career Mistakes to Avoid in Your Twenties

Career mistakes

Most people approach their twenties with mixed feelings. It is a period you need to get it right personally and professionally. Your twenties is a very germane time in your career because everything could look so blurry and undefined. You may start off with a few not-so-great jobs or unpaid internships to get your foot in the door and gain job experience.

You should note that the choices you make in your 20s can either make or mar your future. So, you need to take charge of your career.  Here are a few things to note while making plans for your future career path.

Build a Career Identity

Well, you might still be in the middle searching for yourself and trying to figure out your long-term goals but, never forget to build a career identity. So, with each job you have, you should note the skills you acquired and the training you completed. Then, add them to your personal resume.

Keep Up With the Changing Job Market

The world is changing, and expectations are high from the job market. It is important that you take your time to keep building and improving your skills to fit into the job market. Also, it should be noted that keeping up is about continuous learning.

Have a Mentor

During your twenties, there are huge lessons to be learnt. You will never be too sure what opportunities it will open for you so, you need to get yourself a mentor.

Be Willing to Accept Your Mistakes

We are humans, and we all make mistakes. Do not try to hide from your mistakes or lie about them. Take responsibility and be willing to learn from it.

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Finally, more than any other demographic group, the twenty-somethings have higher levels of anxiety and depression especially when it comes to career paths. However, you need to patiently create your career goals to reach your dream job.

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