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Can You Succeed Without Pain?

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Can you succeed without pain?

Sayings such as “No pain, no gain” and “No rose without a thorn” are reminders that in any life situation, one cannot achieve real success without great effort and some kind of sacrifice. Every successful person travels a painful journey, and it is basically because pain is an integral part of any pursuit of success.

You might have encountered some situations which might make you not want you to read an article on pain, but life is like a good book. Of course pain is awful, and almost nothing is more painful than not living the fulfilled life you wanted. Of course, living a fulfilled life could mean something different for each of us.

Regardless of the meaning, one must learn to embrace pain. This doesn’t mean that we look for pain where it is not necessary, it simply means that we choose to accept that pain is an inevitable part of success. Also, it doesn’t mean that one should deliberately inflict pain on oneself. It means that one should walk through the pain with an open mind instead of running from it.

Nothing about success comes easy, so here are the things you will encounter on the road to success:

  • You will lose relationships: The effort you will want to put into the journey will not be acceptable to some who feel you have to devote your time to them. Then, not everyone will be willing to support you.
  • You will doubt yourself: Most times, you’d question yourself if you are doing the right thing. It’s normal, but keep in mind that doubts creates internal conflict.
  • It will all be worth it: For you to achieve anything, you need to think positive. With the right attitude, it’d be easier to achieve success.
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Every painful story has the potential to have a successful ending, when the person is focused towards achieving success. The goal is to find a balance in the journey.

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