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Be-You-tiful: Living a Life You Love

living the life you want

Hey there, you are our personality for today and that is why you need to Be-You-tiful by living a life you love. It is an art because you are given the opportunity to become the artist who shapes and shades your own life.

You have the opportunity to choose how your life feels, looks, and sounds. Each year, month and week of your life, you can start a new painting or continue adding new features and colours to the one the masterpiece you are creating.

Living a life you love is about choices. It is your choice because you get to pick as many times as possible. So, based on your experiences, it will help you clarify your personal preferences as to what you really have an understanding of.

Listening to your heart is an act that helps to live the life. It can lead you to people, places and other things you need in order to become more of yourself.

Then, when you do what you love for a living, you’d be flexible because love is a passion, and it energises force. It makes you feel full of excitement.

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Living the life that you love is also a spiritual journey because it is your creator who grants you the creative energy. When you feel good about your life, it is a way of referring to your Creator.

Also, it is attached to knowing what really matters to you. Living according to your values and achieving your goals are very important. So, take an honest look at your life: are you living the life you love?

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There are some questions that help to retract our ways if we are not living the way we want. Write them down in your diary or your notepad. You can also paste them in your room to serve as a reminder every day. They are:

How do you spend your leisure time?

What do you enjoy doing?

Write out what you like most about your life

How would you like to change your life?

What does success mean to you?

So, you need to listen to your heart and sculpture your life as ordained by your creator because you are Be-You-tiful!

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