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All Fingers Are Not Equal

When you hear the saying “all fingers are not equal,” what comes to your mind? Truly, all fingers are alike but not equal. Most times, I wonder why it’s so. Then, I came to the conclusion that if fingers were to be equal, then no possibility. In this case, good handwriting, good artwork, feeding, lifting of loads and other activities done by our hands may not be possible.

Fingers are not equal but, they still have their different roles to play. That is, fingers need each other, so they can be useful. Therefore, is it safe to say “equality may not bring possibility?” The description of the fingers shows important hints that we all have our different roles to play in the society, organisation and everywhere we may find ourselves.

Therefore, we should not compare ourselves to another being. Just like fingers are different from each other, their diversity is their strength. So do you. Your strength and uniqueness are in your distinct character. You may be related by family, it doesn’t give the opportunity that you’d be same.

Creativity, idea, choice, ability and knowledge differ between human so that we can help each other to achieve success. This is not an opportunity to neglect people because you still need them. They are still very useful so that some activities can be done. You can never know everything!

However, don’t copy other’s creativity; rather improve and make something good out of it. Imagine you are about to work on a project with your team members and you all have the same idea, creativity and knowledge. Trust me, the project might not be successful because you’d be sharing the same thoughts. But, when there are different ideas, you’d have different methods and styles of doing things. That is why they say “two heads are better than one.”

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Finally, you will be successful when you accept your own creativity, ability and responsibility. No matter the position you find yourself, you are there for a purpose. So, appreciate every baby step you take because the world is not complete without you.

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