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8 Safety Tips For Travelling Solo at Night


Have you ever travelled on the last bus because you had to get to your destination before the next day? Sometimes you will arrive at your destination around 11 pm with deserted roads and scarce transport. Other times, you may arrive at the park or airport late at night and still need to find transport to your final destination. Several Nigerians prefer travelling at night because it is cheaper than travelling during the day and the journey is faster since the roads are free of other commuters. Small-scale business owners especially and people with social commitments are more likely to travel at night.

Without daylight, even the safest cities in the world can become dangerous. So how can you stay safe and free of danger when travelling or moving around at night? Here are a few tips:

Spread The Word

Before you depart, make sure you inform your hosts and your family. That way, they can check in on you and make sure all is well till you arrive at your destination. If anything goes wrong, they will be the first to alert the authorities on your behalf.

Plan For Intercity Transportation

Make plans for how you will get to your destination from the park. If you have taxi apps like Uber or Taxify, you can book a taxi. If you have a cab company’s number, you can call and arrange for a cab to pick you up at the park. You can also call your host to make transportation arrangements for you using the transport services in their vicinity. They can pick you up at the park themselves or tell you what you need to know to choose a reliable cab in their city.

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Shine Your Eye

If you are using public transport, make sure you stay wide awake for the duration of the trip. Cities look different at night and if you take a nap, you could miss your turn. If you feel sleepy, make sure you nap during the interstate drive not when you get to the state of your destination.

Can’t Get A Hotel? Sleep In Your Car

In case you arrive at your destination quite late and you have to sleep in your car because you can’t book a hotel, make sure you park your car in a safe environment (near an estate police station or army barrack) with street-lights. Lock the doors to prevent break-in when you fall asleep. If there are more people with you, take turns in sleeping through the night so you can be on the lookout for trouble.

Have A Reliable Driver

Ensure the driver is sober and keeps to the speed limit so you don’t speed into potholes and put yourself at risk of an accident. The driver should be knowledgeable about the routes and not try any untested routes at night, not even to save time.

Use A Car In Top Shape

If you are driving yourself, make sure your car is in great shape and the headlights are bright. That way, you avoid any vehicle malfunction that can extend the time you stay on the road.

Use A Transport Line With Accommodation Facilities

Some transport and logistics companies provide lodging arrangements for night travellers at a cost. Try to take advantage of it so you don’t worry about how to move after you arrive at your destination late at night.

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Travel Light

Carry only bare essentials with you. Take things that you don’t mind losing if something bad happens. Don’t travel with heavy loads, large sum of money and expensive phones or items. If you need light inside the bus or car, use a normal torch light not an android phone’s torch. When people make pit stops, keep your eye on your possession so it doesn’t get left behind in an unknown location.

The night is long and full of many terrors but if you are cautious, you can make it through in one piece. Have you ever travelled at night? What was your experience like?


Source: Connect Nigeria

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