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7 Essentials for a Restful Night Sleep

Night time is perfect for rest, especially if you have had a long day. Hitting the sack will certainly do the trick of rejuvenating your exhausted body. If you’re having trouble sleeping, it could be because of your crazy, busy, stressful life — or it could be because your bedroom just doesn’t make for a restful sleeping space. Below are a few steps you can take in order to get some uninterrupted shut-eye. If you apply them, your sleep will certainly improve.

1. The right mattress
When it comes to comfortable sleep, nothing is more important than your mattress. The right mattress can make the difference between tossing and turning and sleeping like a baby. If your mattress is over ten years old, or you feel achy every morning, or you find yourself waking up multiple times each night to adjust positions, it may need replacing. Go for a firm and not sinking mattress.

2. The right pillow
It may seem a little silly, but if you’re using the wrong pillow, this could also make you uncomfortable and keep you awake. A fluffy pillow will do the trick.

3. Lighting.
Artificial lighting is pretty great — without it, we’d all be ending our day at 6:30 PM. But keeping bright lights on late at night can also mess with your natural circadian rhythms. Being in a brightly lit space (or staring at a computer screen) right before bed can trick your body into feeling more awake than it actually is. Switching from bright overhead lighting to the softer, dimmer glow of a lamp about an hour or so before bed is a good way to prepare your body for sleeping time.

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4. Décor. Paintings, art work and laminated posters are great ways to decorate and sophisticate a room. Please keep in mind both the type of furniture and colours in your room when choosing an art piece.

5. Blackout curtains.
If you live in the city, with bright streetlights or right outside your window, all that extra light may be keeping you awake. The solution is blackout curtains. Blackout curtains (or shades) will make your room nice and dark and womb-like, so you sleep like a baby.

6. A fan.
A bedroom that has the wrong temperature can make sleeping difficult. For many people, a cooler room is the way to go, and a fan can help with that, especially in cases where you aren’t able to change the thermostat, or want to save a little on your electricity bill.

7. A heavy blanket.
Some folks hold that sleeping under a heavy blanket does more than just keep you warm in a cold room — it can also help you sleep. In the same way that swaddling helps babies sleep; a heavy blanket can help calm your nerves. There are special blankets available for this purpose, or you can just toss on a comforter and turn down the thermostat a little (or turn up the fan).

Try these and you are on your way to restful sleep.

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