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How to Keep Warm During Rainy Season

rainy season

It is almost that time of the year when everywhere will be filled with lots of rain, and this will automatically make the weather cold all round. However, the weather could be tricky and unpredictable. It could go from sunny to rainy and vice-versa real quick.

So, you need to be adequately prepared. Even if you plan to remain indoor during this period, here are some tips to consider to keep warm during rainy season.

  • Wear warm clothing

Since the weather is unpredictable, it is advisable to dress warm enough so even if it rains, you won’t be too cold. You can also keep an extra piece of clothing such as sweater, jacket or scarf in your bag when going out.

  • Stay Hydrated

It should be noted that during rainy season, you might end up not feeling thirsty but, you need to keep yourself hydrated. So, endeavour to drink enough water and hot drink or beverages. This keeps you hydrated and warm.

  • Eat Healthy

You should eat at least one hot meal a day to help regulate your body temperature. This helps you to avoid health risks associated with extremely cold weather. Don’t forget to eat foods with vitamins to boost your immune system. Also, healthy fats can help warm you up.

  • Always carry an umbrella

During rainy season, it is always good to carry an umbrella because it can rain any time of the day. This can ruin your hair, make-up and outfit. Also, it’d make you cold. So, holding an umbrella will protect you from catching a cold.

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Rainy season has its good sides such as the good weather, the reason to wear jackets and the pleasure that comes from a cup of hot coffee or a bowl of hot soup, but you need to make sure that you keep warm always.

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